There is one month left in 2021! Let's make it count. Here is my live streaming schedule for this month. All clickable live streaming links are above!



"On Favas" on "On Muvas"

 Check  on the "On Muvas" podcast. From unpopular opinions to family living to pop culture, these ladies discuss it all.


Happy Birthday Hip-Hop

Aug. 11, 1973 will forever go down in history as the day that Hip-Hop was born–and it all started with a“back to school jam” at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. With nothing but a pair of speakers, two turntables and a crate of banging records, founding father Clive Campbell — better known as DJ Kool Herc — helped create a historical moment that singlehandedly produced the culture-shifting genre the world has grown to love today. 


Studio Shut Down


What's good my people! Happy Friday!

First, THANK YOU to all those who continue to tune-in, stream, share, vibe, and rock with my live streams. It is my pleasure to serve all of you during these trying, confusing, and everchanging times.

Outside is open, for now, and I must CAUTIOUSLY take advantage of paid gig opportunities and get to the 💲💰 while its there. So this weekend, the live stream studio will be shut down...unless I decide to pop up tomorrow night 🧐

Enjoy the 30 sec video and rock with Gregory G Sharp Benjamin for "House at my House" Saturday at 3pm est. And then John DJ-Quicksilver Manner Saturday for "The Day Party Experience." He is taking it back to the 80's at 4pm est.

Have a good weekend! 🥂


4th of July Weekend

It's 4th of July and we have your soundtrack all weekend long! 

How to Listen:
  • Download the 100 Hip Hop and RNB app
  • Search 100 Hip Hop and RNB on the Audacy or iHeart Radio App
  • Or just press play on this page!



Patreon & YouTube Page Launch

Greetings & Salutations.

I am a broadcast media professional with 20 years of experience in "the game." From concerts and special events to house parties and some of hottest clubs in the country, this journey through entertainment and media has led me here. I am now ready to expand my horizons as a content creator and share some of my experiences and views about this crazy world. 

Pop culture, entertainment, music, social issues, sports and more. No matter what... I come in peace! Make sure you subscribe, tell a friend, tell a neighbor, and tell a hater. Thank you!

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Stay Tuned... 


Last weekend of June

As outside continues to open, the live streams continue. Tune in this weekend!